Multi-Dimensional DLP

Discovery DLP

Discovery DLP actively scans laptops, servers, file shares, and databases in your network, and analyzes sensitive information residing on all of these devices to enforce certain data discovery solutions. An agent has to be installed on the scanned device.

Sensitive Data Discovery & Protection

Network DLP

Network DLP, also called proxyless DLP, enables you with visibility and further controls to your network traffic. It inspects all traffic including email, network, instant messaging, and etc for mandatory data security policy enforcement. Network DLP can be deployed either on-premise as a physical device or on cloud as a virtual machine, to which your network traffic has to be routed for content inspection purposes.

Network Monitor & Block (Email/Web)

Endpoint DLP

Endpoint DLP requires to install software clients on desktop, laptop, server, and other devices running Windows, Linux, or Mac Operating System (OS). The client provides visibility and controls to endpoint data on an as needed basis.

Endpoint Data Discovery & Block

Application DLP

Application DLP protects data security for the business application system in your data center. It detects sensitive contents on data accessing and transferring in the application system, and block when necessary.

Application System Sensitive Data Protection

Cloud DLP

Cloud DLP essentially migrates the on-premise DLP solution as a whole on cloud. By addressing the challenges of protecting sensitive data in remote offices and mobile endpoints, Cloud DLP relieves enterprises from the need of purchasing multiple DLP hardware equipment.

Cloud Management Platform & Cloud Data Management & Cloud Network Management

Deep Content Analysis

Data Channel

  • Data Channel
  • Listening in Span Deployment
  • In-line Deployment
  • Proxy
  • Email
  • WebService

Data Analysis

  • Transfer Protocol
    Analysis Engine
  • File Format
    File Analysis
  • OCR Engine

Data Recognition

  • Machine Learning
  • File Fingerprinting
  • Regular Expression
  • Matching Pattern
  • Dictionary
  • Keyword

Data Processing

  • Permit
  • Audit
  • Email Approval
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Blocking

Unique Selling Points

Comprehensive Fingerprint

We adopt similarity fingerprinting, bloom fingerprinting, and structured fingerprinting to achieve industry-leading accuracy and speed. Your fingerprint data is transformed to digits, making it impossible to be restored, thus the data application to gateway, endpoint or cloud is completely safe.

Trickle DLP

We are capable of detecting the behavior of splitting sensitive contents in pieces and ex-filtrating through multiple requests (e.g. ex-filtrating 5 credit card numbers by sending 5 split emails in an hour).

Multi-level Approval Process

We assign appropriate email approval and email audit processes/actions per detected content sensitivity levels to strike a balance between preventing sensitive data breach and ensuring business continuity. We minimize the impact of security processes on business operations.

Machine Learning

We adopt AI technologies to learn the characteristics from your enterprise sensitive information, which enables enterprises to quickly process a multitude of samples and apply them in massive contents.


We can identify sensitive information in images using our powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities. For example, detecting sensitive characters in screenshots or pictures.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

We perfectly address the problems of high-cost and management platform chaos enterprises encountered when different branches are purchasing their own DLP devices as they need to.

Data Classification

We classify data assets based on business scenarios, and define data classification levels according to data importance. Then, we enforce appropriate data security policies based on the classification levels.

True File Format Recognition

We support hundreds of file types/deep content recognition, including text, office documents, encryption, archives, source codes, databases, etc., and undercover concealing data breaches through making archives, changing file extension names, changing file contents and nesting files in multiple layers.

Tailor-Made Data Template

We provide predefined tailor-made data templates including security policy templates by regions and industries, which are out-of-the-box and compliant with local data security laws, regulations and industrial code of practices.